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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  December 25, 2009 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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and happy holidays. good night, martha. >> good night, steve. >> good night, everybody. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] >> this is a fox news alert. the white house now saying it believes the incident aboard a delta flight that was landing in detroit was, quote, an attempted act of terrorism. now, the white house is increasing security in the air and all this after sources tell fox news that a man claiming to be connected to al qaeda tried to ignite something aboard this international flight. the flight was coming from amsterdam but originated in nigeria. for the latest on this incident we go to catherine herridge who has been covering with us and is live on the phone. what do we know about this suspect abdul mutallab? >> earlier this evening i spoke with congressman peter king who is the ranking republican on the house homeland security committee and he told me he
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began getting briefing with the law enforcement early this afternoon on the situation in detroit and the congressman identified the suspect to me as a 23-year-old nigerian put puts -- abdul mutallab and the congressman also said to me based on the briefing, he was not on a traditional no fly list which prevents people with a certain background from gettingo on a flight but was when what was described as a day to day with known terrorist associations. abdul mutallab had known terrorist associations. it was also interesting, i learned through a u.s. official, there has been growing concern among homeland security about nigeria in particular and in the last year homeland security reached out to nigerian authorities to try and improve the basic fundamentals of airport screening at that international site. lauren. >> and what about this device, federal officials are calling
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it fairly sophisticated, and according to reports, a passenger onboard the plane described the incident that sounded like a firecracker in a pillow case. what do with know about the device the suspect had? >> i see we're still -- the information is still evolving and we're still doing our reporting but it was described to us by a u.s. official as a fairly sophisticated device and also chemical in nature and the analysis was continuing. when you hear the descriptions that we heard, you can't help but make the comparison to the incident eight years ago with richard reid, he was the shoe bomber who tried to explode a transatlantic flight to the united states with explosives packed in his shoes. so the fundamental question coming forward is whether this device may be in some way was an evolution of what we saw in the richard reid case. still doing our reporting, but
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the facts we know them is describe as a sophisticated device and chemical in nature. >> after the richard reid incident, we remember air travel changed and we all now have to -- we're limited to how many liquids we can take onboard so we can assume other procedures might be put in place. but how is the administration responding to this incident right now? >> well, we know based on our report that the secretary of homeland security was briefed, also the president. and we confirmed late tonight through the homeland security smngs that one of the -- administration that one of the branches of homeland security that screening or security will be upped, if you will, for passengers on flights. in a situation like this, t.s.a. would never provide the type of changes that we will see, but that particular group has the ability to do what we describe as a surge in personnel, also a multilayered
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approach to security so they can auditional layers based on the intelligence they have. one of the interesting things that came out of our reporting this evening is that on holidays such as today, there has been a very broad briefing on capitol hill about the incident in detroit not only to congressman king who i spoke to earlier today, but the ranking republican on the house intelligence committee but also the chairman of the homeland security committee. and based on my experience given the breadth of these briefings, this alone suggests to us it is a fairly significant event. >> ok. catherine herridge, our national security correspondent. thanks so much for covering this for us on this christmas day. we'll check back in with her. as she just mentioned, this is now going to be a very broad investigation. members of congress are being briefed on this, representative peter king, a ranking republican, he has been giving
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us a bit of information about what took place earlier today in detroit, and we are learning a lot more now about this nigerian suspect. this nigerian suspect suffered some burns. he's now in a hospital, we're told, in ann arbor, michigan. we also want to bring into the fold here, neil livingston who is a terrorism expert who has been giving us some background on this type of incident. neil, listening to the investigation and the events unfolding since this took place, what's your take on what we can see as far as travel restrictions for this week? >> well, i think there is generally going to have heightened security because they don't know if this was the only incident or whether there might be other people. this might be a lone wolf operating on his own or this might be part of a larger plot where they targeted a number of airlines. so i think we'll see heightened security for the indefinite future. >> just like eight years ago when richard reid, the
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so-called shoe bomber tried to light a device onboard a plane, we saw passengers react, airline passengers now are on alert since 9/11 and no longer sit back and actually take action. and that's the same thing we heard happening here. we're hearing reports of a passenger jumping on top of this suspect and subdoing him and this is the type of situation that we see unfolding now on airlines. would you say that is correct, passengers are now taking action themselves? >> ever since 9/11 where the passengers basically sat in their seats except for the one flight that went down in pennsylvania, they didn't take any action because traditionally, you were supposed to simply go with the hijackers and they would land some place. people now know they're trying to destroy the airliners and bring them down. so the passengers have been empowered. they're not going to sit in their seats and not do anything and frankly are the first line
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of defense we have for this type of terrorist. let me tell you, there's a very interesting aspect to this and that is that he didn't try to blow up the plane over open water. apparently the plane was on its -- starting its descent when he did this. normally sophisticated terrorists would probably want to bring this plane down in a place where we couldn't recover the debris or the black boxes, we wouldn't know what had happened and even so -- you know, the fact that he tried to -- or waited as long as he did to do this, might have suggested he had real second thoughts about whether he wanted to go through with this or not. >> that's a great point. yeah, we do know he waited until he -- the plane was above u.s. soil before he attempted it. one last question before we run out of time, you had mentioned you traveled to nigeria, how are the counterterrorism experts, the counterterrorism efforts from nigerian officials? we know the u.s. is now trying to work with them on
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strengthening security p. >> well, i met with the head of nigerian aviation and so on, they do not have a very robust system there for screening passengers. and we know that -- we don't allow nigerian airliners to fly into the united states because they don't have adequate security even in the operation and maintenance of airlines much less their security system. so nigeria is really a problematic area. >> and will we see more restrictions placed on flights coming from nigeria and perhaps other spots where security is a little more lax? >> i think that we have a lot of problems in the -- in many of the less developed countries where they don't do adequate security. and once you get on a plane, if you're not rescreened by the time you get to europe and so on, once you're in the system, you're in the system. i've been in places where i've seen very poor security in africa. we get into a european country
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and we're not rescreened and so at that point, you know, someone is in the international aviation system and if they've gotten on the plane some place else, they can go to a connecting flight and try to target that flight. >> all right. thanks. scary situation out there. thanks very much for joining us. neil livingston, a terrorism expert. once again, the white house calling this incident aboard flight 263 that was about to land in detroit, they're calling it a terrorism incident, an act of terrorism, an attempted act of terrorism. and the suspect is now in custody. abdul mutallab. a nigerian. we're going to bring you all the information we have on this as it comes out throughout the evening. right now there are a few minor injuries by passengers but so far the suspect in this case had the worst injuries we're hearing, some third-degree burns and he's in a hospital in ann arbor, michigan. members of congress are being briefed on this incident as well as counterterrorism experts and federal agencies,
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and as we get any more information on what happened aboard that flight that was just about to land in detroit earlier this afternoon when a suspect attempted to light something, to set something off, perhaps a bomb, we're not sure yet, we'll bring you the latest on this. for now we head back to "the o'reilly factor."
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bill: welcome back to the factor's finest 2009. we consider barney frank a friend of "the factor" though i'm not sure how he feels with me particularly. here are some of the finest moments between mr. frank and me, your humble correspondent. >> i think it's a face where fannie and freddie are fundamentally sound but they're not in danger of going under. they're not the best investments these days from the long term standpoint going back and would include them going forward. listen, they're in the housing market. and i do think the prospects
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going forward are very solid and in fact will do smings that will improve them. bill: shouldn't everybody in the country be angry with you right now? >> no, you've misrepresented this consistently. i became chairman of the committee on january 31, 2007, and less than two months later, i did what the republicans hadn't been able to do in 12 years, get through the committee a very tough regulatory bill and it passed the house in may. i always felt two things about fannie mae and freddie mac, they had an important role to play because the regulation should be improved. one other point, the senate was dragging its feet as often happens and in january of 2008, i asked secretary paulson to put in the stimulus bill. so the earliest chance i got to put tough regulation in fannie mae and freddie mac, we did it. bill: that's swell but you still went out in july and said everything was great and off that a lot of people bought stock and lost everything they had. >> oh, no. bill: oh, yes. >> i said it wasn't a good investment. bill: don't give me any of that, we just heard the words. what, you didn't say that? you want me to play it again for you?
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>> you didn't listen to it. bill: no, i listened to every word you said and have the transcript right here. >> i said it wasn't a good investment. bill: and going forward we'll be swell. >> i didn't say "swell." bill: look, stop the b.s. here. stop the crap. from august of 2007 to august 2008 -- >> on your show -- bill: it declined 0%. people lost millions of dollars, it wasn't your fault. come on, you coward, say the truth. >> what do you mean coward? bill: you're a coward. you blame everybody else. >> here's the problem going on your show. you start ranting and the only way to respond is almost to look as borish as you. but here's the fact, i specifically said in the quote you just played i didn't think it was a good investment. i wasn't telling anybody to buy stock. i said it wasn't a good investment. bill: let's begin with president obama not releasing the abuse pictures. do you support the president's
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actions? >> pretty much, yeah. i think that's a decision that he's entitled to make. i was a little puzzled that people were saying that we were going to withhold pictures between 2009 -- 2001 and january 2009. i still haven't gotten an answer why he feels this only happened during the bush administration. but i think that's a judgment i trust the president to make. bill: ok. but you know senators graham and lieberman were very angry with nancy pelosi, yourself, a few other democratic congressmen when their bill went to the senate, you stripped out that provision of banning the photos from public release. you saying you wanted to hear the other side and the senator saying hey, we heard from every top-ranking general, the c.i.a. and everybody else, the defense department, they all say this puts u.s. troops in danger and yet you, mrs. pelosi and others did succeed in stripping that out because you were annoyed. >> only because we looked at the whole situation. we had here, and i don't think
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people ought to be hypocritical. we had people go to appropriation bills for spending and without adequate debate and without any kinds of hearings or discussion putting unrelated provisions in there. my objection to that was purely procedural. bill: but why bother with procedure on such a vital issue? >> please. bill: why bother with such a vital issue on procedure? >> could we have a rational discussion. bill: i think we are. >> without interruptions. bill: you see the program. >> i don't accept this is more complicating than your yell woog make it look like. bill: i didn't yell. why not answer in a vital situation like this. >> because the timing was not a problem. there was no chance those photos were going to be released, if it were a emergency situation and the only way to stop the photos from being released to ignore the legitimate procedure, that would be a different story. bill: at first you would have continued to vote to continue
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funding acorn and now you say that's wrong, or am i wrong? have correct. i told the staffer who asked me that i would have been against the funding. apparently i said it in precisely -- or he heard it imprecisely and he heard it i would have been against the motion so the answer is i would have voted for the recommital motion and against the funding. when i relayed that to a staffer who asked me, it got jumbled in translation. bill: you would have voted against funding acorn, why? >> yes. because i think they have forfeited their rights to get funds. i admired some of what they done but they had the sloppiness in the voter registration, they had some problems with embezzlement of people on the staff. when i read about that i complained and asked them to come see me and said this is a grave error and you have to stop it. and then when i heard about this tolerance of using these photos of prostitution it became clear to me the organization is not run well
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with the federal funds. bill: and most congressmen and senators agree with you. >> there was a great defense against being stung. don't do the kind of thing that would embarrass you on television. bill: don't you admire these young people going in there and rooting out corruption? >> i don't know enough about -- bill: come on, you want to rout out corruption. >> bill, please let me talk. bill: i want you to admire -- >> i want you to let me talk. is that too much to ask? bill: might be. >> well, you'll have to get over it. because my job as an elected official is to deal with public policy. i prefaced as i said the obama administration to cut them off because they've been getting funds voluntarily, for example, $14 million from the bush administration. congress never earmarked funds for acorn -- bill: you're sending a message you're not going to tolerate political corruption. it's a good message. it's a good message. >> yes and no. it's a good message in general but the constitution is important. i don't like the notion of us, by legislation, sending these
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people out because we can't do it as appropriately. so i would have preferred it to have been by the administration. bill: but what about the fact of these two young people who took it upon themselves, don't you admire them? isn't this what we should be, all citizen watchdogs? don't you admire them in spirit? >> bill, can i finish talking about a complicated subject without this? bill: such an easy question. >> you would tell me -- no, it's not an easy question. do i admire people? bill: you fear it. >> do i get to answer the question? bill: you're a little eccentric with all due respect. the spirit, do you admire the spirit of these two who did it? >> yes, i admire -- bill: thank you. >> i want to finish this sentence. you have a congenital inability to allow people to talk. >> i admire the impulse to stop corruption. bill: coming up, evolution
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versus creationism. atheist richard dawkins enters the no spin zone. you'll want to see this. and an unforgettable reality check. boss: y'know, geico opened its doors back in 1936 and now we're insuring over 18 million drivers. gecko: quite impressive, yeah. boss: come a long way, that's for sure. and so have you since you started working here way back when. gecko: ah, i still have nightmares.
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anncr: geico. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance.
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bill: continuing now, atheist richard dawkins appeared earlier and i pressed him on his theory of science over creationism. here we go. now, when we last left you, mr. dawkins, you were selling your book, a big bestseller o "the god delusion". and now i want to show the audience the dee key part of that interview and then we'll get to your new book. roll the tape. i'm throwing in with jesus rather than be thrown in with you guys because you guys can't tell me how it all got here. >> we're working on it.
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physicists are -- bill: when you get it, maybe i'll listen. >> if you look at the history of science over the centuries, the amount that's gained in knowledge, each century is stupendous. in the beginning of the 21st century we don't know everything. bill: when you figure it out, you come back here and tell me. because until that time i'm sticking with judeo-christian philosophy. tell me where i'm going wrong here. i believe in creative design. i believe in evolution but i think it was overseen by a higher power because as we just stated and you acknowledged, you still haven't figured out how if all began. >> there's a great deal science hasn't worked out and don't know how it's all began but to say science can't answer a particular question you're throwing in your not with jesus and there's no suggestion he did it either. throwing it in with science is at least working on the problem. bill: here is the problem, science doesn't advance the human condition in any
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moralistic way and jesus did. my thesis is that if everybody followed the teachings of jesus christ that we'd have peace on earth, love your brother, everybody would love one another and we'd be almost an idyllic civilization. am i 100% sure jesus is god? no. because i choose to believe that because the man was extraordinary and what he did in his 33 years on earth and still resonates to this day. that i think is more powerful than your belief that, hey, some day we might figure it all out but in the meantime we're not going to believe in any deity? >> why would you muddle up the question of giving you a moral compass on life which is important with the other question which is explaining the nature of the world, the nature of life, the nature of the universe, that's what science is about. bill: ok. i understand that but i don't think my belief system contradicts science and i do believe there is a higher power and in my life i can point to it, i see it.
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but what disturbs me about you guys, and i'm putting you into this category perhaps unjustly. you seem to look down on believers. >> there is a problem when you guys, if i could turn it back on you, try to say that because you believe what you do because of a holy book and because of the way you've been brought up, therefore that entitles you to go into science classes and tell teachers what they can or cannot teach. you may think that god oversaw evolution and that's a point of view you could probably defend but leave it out of the science class. bill: it's not fair to leave it out of the science class if the science class is incomplete, and you by your own admission say we don't know how it all began. so if the science class is going to say evolution only but i really don't know how it started, that gap has got to be explored. >> you must see it's quite remarkable piece ofily logic to say because science can't fill a particular gap, therefore we have to turn to christianity. bill: you don't have to turn anywhere, you just have to
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present it. you don't have to turn to it but present it. >> will you listen to me and stop shouting at me. bill: i'm not shouting. that's the way i usually talk. >> i know it is. i've been warned about it. just because science has a gap in its knowledge it does not entitle you to turn to any other particular alternative to pick on a better science. bill: that's facism for you to say you can't mention? >> facism? bill: yeah. for you to say not in a public school classroom, a science classroom, talk about brilliant men, brilliant, smarter than you, who do believe in a higher power, who do believe there was an overseer of the universe, you insist you can't even mention it, that is facism, sir. >> what you call facism is my statement if science can't answer something you should therefore turn to christianity. bill: not turn but discuss. >> if a particular science theory doesn't work, you do better science. bill: no. you present in a science classroom all the alltives --
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alltives that are legitimate, adam and eve you don't have to do that, that's for the biblical portion of a theology class but as i said, there are more believers than nonbelievers and that should be presented. i'll give you the last word. >> science is unique in that it does base itself upon evidence rather than superstition, upon authority or holy books or upon revelation. bill: the book is called "the greatest show on earth." i'm sorry i was a little loud but you know how irish guys can get and i appreciate you coming on. coming up, some of the most talked about clips of 2009. did you see that? james skinner. also, what were the worst shows ever, according to "factor" viewers, the worst. we have a list. back in a moment. >> this is is a fox news alert. the incident aboard a northwest airlines flight headed for detroit is now being called, quote, an attempted act of terrorism, that's according to
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the white house. security measures for air travel have now been increased so leave yourself extra time if you're headed to the airport. all this after a man claiming to be connected to al qaeda tried to ignite something aboard this international flight. a u.s. official telling fox news tonight a device is being described as fairly sophisticated. the source also saying that the suspect in this case, 23-year-old from nigeria. this flight originated in nigeria and stopped in amsterdam and was just about to land in detroit when this incident happened. we're getting a few variations of the suspect's name, abdul mutallab or a longer version of his name, abdul saruq abdul mutallab. fox news is also learning the suspect has been or is attending the university in london. he's now suffering from third degree burns from what happened onboard that flight. that attempted terror attack. there are also 278 other people onboard that flight and one of the passengers on the plane is reportedly saying he saw a
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glow, then smelled smoke, then, he says, another passenger behind him jumped the suspect and immediately subdued him. so there was some panic aboard this flight. we're told a couple other passengers have some minor injuries. officials evacuated the plane, a bomb disposal van pulled right up there on the tarmac next to it. now, the white house saying that the president, who is vacationing in hawaii, as said, quote, all appropriate measures should be taken to increase security for air travel. the president is actively monitoring the situation and is receiving regular updates on this as well as members of congress on christmas day. it is a holiday, keep in mind. if you remember, eight years ago this week, richard reid, this man, the man dubbed the quote, shoe bomber, he tried to blow up a commercial jet as well using explosives in his shoes. of course, air travel changed after that. there were much more tighter restrictions on liquids. that was eight years ago.
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and once again this christmas week we're seeing another attempted terror attack. once again the white house calling this incident an attempted terror attack and members of congress as well as the president are being briefed on this as well as national security officials saying northwest airlines passenger from nigeria is in custody. bill: welcome back to the finest moments of factor. one of our finest segments each week is "did you see that? ." here is jane skinner with the most interesting clips in 2009. >> hi, my name is kahn and i'm from denmark and this here is my baby boy and his name is oust. i'm doing this video because i'm trying to find his father. we met 1 1/2 years ago when you were on vacation here in denmark. i don't remember when you're from or i don't even remember your name. bill: i can't believe the country of denmark puts this thing out?
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why would they do that. >> and say come visit. as one female commentator said it's trying to sell the idea, come here, we have beautiful blond women who will have one night stands with you. bill: that's what it was. >> interesting enough, the tourism agency, the c.e.o. is a woman and when you say what were they thinking, this is what they were thinking, we thought it was a sweet, harmless story of a mature, responsible woman who lives in a free society, we were trying to create a positive view of denmark. they put it on -- bill: are you kidding me? >> they put it on youtube, it wasn't on television and got close to a million hits. bill: was acorn behind this? it's a viewer warning deal. it's an advertisement. and it's very provocative. roll tape purchase -- roll tape. ♪
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bill: all right. that is a german lingerie company running that ad on the net and now muslims aren't happy about that. >> you'll call me politically correct, but it is particularly touchy in germany. they have the biggest muslim population in western europe. as an admaker, you look at that and say hey, this does it all. you can't turn away from a gorgeous woman, a surprise ending, it's provocative. bill: i don't like the ad. they did the ad to get a lot of attention and they're on this program. but it's offensive to the religion. >> yes. bill: look, we have problems with muslim extremists, terrorists who pervert islam and have problems with them and have been tough on them. but islam is a legitimate religion and they're mocking, demeaning the religion and i don't think it's right. >> sarah palin has tips for
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writing a book. number 10, close curtains so you don't get distracted by russians. number three, don't let writing cut into attending fire letterman rallies. number two, have the book translated for sales to european countries like london. and the number one sarah palin indianapolis temperatures -- sarah palin tips for writing a book, i'll try to find some tips and bring them to you. bill: how much do you think skits have damaged her ability? >> maybe helped mccain. and the people who love her don't love david letterman. bill: she has to expand her basis if she wants to be a presidential contender or run for the senate and she probably could win in alaska by running for the senate. >> and probably will start with that with this book. we'll see. bill: that was a general letterman thing and not nasty like the last thing he did. but the media, the comedians, whatever, is almost 80 or 0%
10:34 pm
left and never will give sarah pail an break. >> she's a frequent target, and ends up getting recycled and is reminiscent of the last couple years of the bush administration, the same jokes over and over again by different comedians. bill: it hurt bush. the perception of george w. bush was that he wasn't very smart. he hurt him. ron clark academy goes over to cnn and here's what happens. boom. ♪ >> ♪ yeah, yeah, yeah it's a problem in the u.s.a. snoifment bill: you know what's tragic about that? wolf blitzer was trampled. what do you think? >> this is the ron clark academy you referred to, it's a school this guy named ron
10:35 pm
clark, a young guy started a couple years ago in a very poor neighborhood in atlanta. you may remember these kids, they're junior high kids during the election because they had them do a sweet song called "you can vote however you like." half of the class sung about mccain and the other half about obama. the songs have gotten more partisan if you haven't noticed. this is the latest on health care. however, important to point out, it's a private school. as long as they're meeting the state regulations, they're not breaking the law and can do whatever they want. >> now it's my turn. >> what do you mean by that? >> i'm saying i told a little bit of stuff and i'm just not going to take it anymore. >> but you really sound like somebody who is set on hurting these people the way they hurt you. >> i'm not really into hurt them, though. >> that's what it sounds like. somebody bent on revenge and getting even, now it's my turn. >> well, yeah, that's part of it, i guess. >> at this point even if you can't stand sarah palin, has this guy jumped the shark as
10:36 pm
they say, or what he lost all credibility. he's a father of a child now. he's going to pose supposedly full frontal nudity for "playgirl." ok, now he's bashing his child's family, grandmother, on national tv, these headlines and interviews will live forever and this child will be able to see them. bill: i don't want to see this guy. i have no use for him at all. he doesn't seem to have any concern for his child. >> we agree tonight. bill: jane skinner, i try to agree with jane as much as i can. good territory there. coming up, the factor viewers voted on the worst and funniest television shows ever. we have the results. right back with those. when you have a drug or alcohol problem,
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your world stops making sense. you can get help for yourself and make sense of life again. for information, tdd: 800-487-4889. brought to you by the u.s. department of health and human services.
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bill: thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly. welcome back to this special edition of "the factor." what were the worst and funniest television shows ever as decided by you, "the factor" viewer. here are both lists. roll the tape.
10:39 pm
bill: number five, singing policemen. >> ♪ i saw you before i couldn't believe it after all we've been through ♪ >> ♪ another load of human trash and a broken down routine ♪ >> ♪ one for you and me bill: is it over? "cop rock" was produced by steven bochco and lasted less than a season. the worst tv program ever ran for four seasons. >> darryl bradshaw. >> 14 or 15. ♪
10:40 pm
>> ladies and gentlemen, welcome another elvis presley. bill: the third worst program ever was a huge hit but many americans objected to its sexuality. >> hey. hey, you guys. hey! oh, my god! hey! >> 11:00, totally hot babe checking you out. fame fairly good. i think i'm ready for my peanuts now. >> look at that big old squishy butt. >> and we're done with the chicken fried rice. >> want to workout? i can remake you. >> all right. ok. but if we put on spandex and my boobs are bigger than yours, i'm going home.
10:41 pm
bill: the second worst show in the history of civilization was truly a disgrace >> why don't we bring out dallas. here's dallas. [beep] [beep] [beep] [beep] >> have you been naughty? have you been a bad boy? >> well, i do this show. here is lexi. [cheers and applause] [beep] [beep] [beep] [beep] bill: and now, ladies and gentlemen, even worse than that is the worst program of all time. you decided, we're reporting. >> this is your mother talking. david, i've come back. >> the whole thing was just a silly misunderstanding. >> i know it and you know it. now you go down and explain to them exactly what happened.
10:42 pm
>> haven't we butt in enough for one day. >> i can't get over how this town has changed, all this something. >> no offense but you're not helping matters. >> it's very sweet of you to put a lock on a door. >> spoken like a true mother. bill: again, that show was called "my mother the car." it certainly was. 1965-1966. it's so bad it took us weeks to find even a clip of it but we did. in fifth place, a show starring an american icon. >> anger, fear. >> i'll have a little shut eye. >> love me? hello? >> what, dear brother, what? >> get up you clumsy old.
10:43 pm
♪ bill: the carol burnett show ran from 1967-1968. number four, a tv show based on a movie. >> just one note, radar and i'll show you a new way to play that thing. >> excuse me, miss. >> are you crazy? >> come on, guys, no horsing around now. what have you done with burns? >> we did what you said, showed them a good time, right? >> he disappeared, his way of saying thank you. >> i'm wearing a warner praw. i played a doll. my last wish is to be buried in my mother's wedding gown. i'm nuts. i should be out. >> horse hockey. bill: "m*a s*h" ran for 11 years ending in 1983. the number three vote-getter was a show that broke all kinds of taboos. >> the reason you don't know nothing about people is you always get your big mouth open and never willing to listen to nobody. >> how do you do, sir? may i have a moment of your
10:44 pm
time? >> no. >> come on. give me your opinion straight from the ding-bat. all i can tell you is you drag me off to a movie picture like that that was absolutely disgusting. >> i'm sorry, archie. how was i to know, i thought it was a religious picture, "cardinal knowledge." >> good morning, arch. i hope the noise didn't disturb you. >> oh, no. i enjoyed it. that's why i came downstairs so i could hear it better. >> note were the days ♪ bill: "all in the family" ran from 1971-1979. down to the top two, the runner up for the funniest show ever was a program about nothing. >> hey, cowboy, where's your horse?
10:45 pm
yeah, you better run. >> you're bald! >> no, i'm not. i was bald. >> you think shens i have a beautiful face or is she just saying that? >> they do work on tips. >> the only thing between him and us is a thin layer of gaberdini. >> i'm out there, jerry, and loving every minute of it. bill: still popular in reruns. and now, number one, the funniest show ever, according to "factor" viewers. roll it. >> surprise! >> surprise. i read somewhere you should chew your food 25 times before swallowing. >> swallow it now and chew it later. wonder what it's all about. >> i can tell you one thing
10:46 pm
>> look at the title. >> what are you doing? >> i love lucy ended in 1957 and she went on to star in a number of other tv programs. coming up, very entertaining reality check starring megyn kelly and some dancing monkeys. later, our dedication to tv pioneer ed mcmahon as "the factor" continues.
10:47 pm
10:48 pm
bill: we continue to roll along on this special edition of "the factor." dancing monkeys, sharon as boshe and megyn kelly. check out our best reality clips.
10:49 pm
roll the tape. sharon osborne has a reality program on vh 1 and apparently she did not like one of the contestants. >> one of you is enough for any company. >> your husband. he's married to you? >> was your husband's [beep]. >> i feel so sorry for you. excuse me. i'm sorry. >> like a professional acting. >> are you ok? >> let's practice. >> >> let her go. >> thank you. [beep]. i don't give a [beep]. but not my family. bill: don't diss ozzie. don't diss him. the internet is now being taken over by animals.
10:50 pm
>> you are too funny. >> ♪ who let the dogs out who, who, who ♪ ♪ [irish music plays] >> check it out. bill: do not, i repeat, do not mess around with our pal kathie lee gifford. >> get in there! get in there! >> oh, come on. let's go! >> oh! oh! >> this is not good. oh, my god. >> all right. who are we thinking about when we were hitting? >> i don't want to talk about it.
10:51 pm
bill: my motto is never give a woman a stick. >> check it out. bill: remember fox news editor megyn kelly brit sizing britney spears for a song megan thought was out of line prompting miss spears to reply in a video. >> the line we bleeped out, love me, hate me, all the boys and girls are begging to and then she says if you seek amy. doesn't make any sense, does it? not supposed to. if you say it quickly with no space in between the letters, it basically spells out the f-word and then me. >> if you seek amy. >> doesn't make any sense, does it? bill: we believe that's supposed to be megan. more evidence some folks are not exactly getting the 911 concept.
10:52 pm
bill: get the shrimp police out there. now there's a new dish on the menu, pinhead fried rice. straight ahead, he and johnny carson were involved in one of the most popular late night programs ever. our interview with the late, great ed mcmahon is next.
10:53 pm
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10:55 pm
bill: we continue now with the special edition of "the factor." one of our friends was ed mcmahon who died earlier this year. he was a tv icon, one of the last of a breed. >> here's johnny! bill: what was the magic, 30 years you and carson, looked seamless, looked easy. couldn't have been that easy. >> we liked each other. we liked each other from the first day. >> we'll be right back, right after this word. bill: but your role was to make him look good. >> i loved being a second banana and thought that was a great place to be. >> it's from the tropics. this is a nice --
10:56 pm
>> obviously the smell of olives attracts him. bill: but he needed somebody there to laugh at his jokes, which you did. >> i was good at that. >> answer this question, -- we're not going to get away with this another year. bill: sounded like you thought they were really funny. >> they were. i see a clip of him, something we're doing together, i look at it and laugh at it again. why not? if it's funny, it's funny. >> i knew this would get out in public sooner or later. bill: i think people underestimated your talent. because to do what you did, you had to be thinking all the time, number one, and following his train of thought because he was speaking ex-temp rainously. >> attempting to design an answer while you're sitting here giggling. may i have silence, please?
10:57 pm
>> yes. you had it many times before. >> a thing i repeat often where he looks at me and says, what are you doing tomorrow night? >> what do you mean you'll be out of town? foam is friday. >> but i can take a day off once in a while. you certainly invented it. bill: you nailed it. did he ever tell you along the way not to do something? >> no. never. >> over 105 in los angeles. >> over 105 in los angeles. bill: did you have an idea in the art burn skits. >> hello, feature film freak. bill: did you have an idea where he was going? >> i did not. >> how do you greet your deadle diddle in the morning? >> it was all off the cuff. >> we rehearsed in the office area. bill: so you rehearsed for 35
10:58 pm
seconds? >> sometimes it seemed like that. >> why do you repeat everything? i can go to taco bell for that. bill: could you tell when carson didn't like a guest? >> i could see a look. he would look at me and like, pretty soon we'd be going to a commercial. but most of the time people loved to be on that show. and if he called you over, he'd do a thing, he'd do this little laugh, he'd be like this and looking at somebody and i knew that person was coming over. bill: you're talking comedians? >> yes. >> let's bring him back, ladies and gentlemen. >> this show would have been almost impossible to do and sure a hell of a lot more fun to do it with these guys, ed has been a rock sitting here next to me. >> i have to say something, it's just been a joy. i met you and we talked for seven minutes. i just found out the other day there were seven other people up for that job and i got it. i thank you, my family thanks
10:59 pm
you forever. thank you, sir. bill: i think carson would have liked "the factor." >> he would have. bill: we're walking a line every night and that's what you did every night, you walked the wire. >> right. he loved it. >> what have we got here? he's very hungry. when did you last feed this animal, jim? >> reports are that on saturn the winds are over 00 miles an hour. will that pose a danger for our astronauts? >> definitely they'll need much more hairspray than originally -- tremendous solar winds up there in the interstellar stuff. bill: we appreciate you coming in. >> thank you very much. nice being with you. >> i want to thank the gentleman who shared the stage with me for 30 years, mr. ed mcmahon. bill: that is it for us today. thanks for watching this special edition. "the factor" continues


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